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When you choose Now Mail Processing, you will be working with 10 years of experience in the direct mailing business.

Using Now Mail Processing allows you to concentrated on your core business and in addition client service standards are no compromised . Many organizations cannot justify capital expense of re equipping with ever more sophisticated mail processing technology which is only used for short periods.

  1. Our prices are very reasonable and we are confident you find a mailing house with lower prices.
  2. Our service is superior in every aspect.
  3. We work hard to give the lowest possible postage costs.
  4. You will be working with one mailing professional from the beginning to the end.
  5. We provide fast service for all job sizes.
  6. We are a one-stop mailing house which also does printing and mailings.
  7. We provide you with references of satisfied customers.
  8. We are honest and ethical business people.
  9. We Specialize in data manipulation to make sure that your mailing list is perfect.
  10. We can provide you with references of satisfied clients.
  11. We are honest and ethical business people.

The benefits of using now mail processing


We understand fully the confidentiality of client's data and information handled by us. Our company's fundamental principles of managing risk include:

  1. Clear co-operation with our clients.
  2. An analysis of related risks, including those associated with concentration.
  3. Regular monitoring of existing and potential exposure to risk.
  4. A high level of management involvement in security facilities and constant surveillance of our premises.


  1. Now Mail Processing is a service -based company  and believe strongly in a customer-oriented approach.
  2. We are a progressive family run business established 2000.
  3. Mailroom services, Data services and print management are located in roof at our Wadeville premises.
  4. We believe in customer services and have partnership philosophy.
  5. We believe in consistent delivery, quality and value.
  6. With legacy of family values, we believe in strong work ethics and confidentiality and are transparent and accountable.
  7. A true partner, not just another customer


Our clients spans a broad range of industry sectors and disciples. We partner many of the companies that are listed on in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and advisors working within their business plans to provide communication solutions that help maximize their reputation, while minimizing risk.

Our offering is also utilized by a host of large Privately-Owned, Parastatals and Government.



Our administration system enables us to immediately send out any relevant information, invoices and statements after processing and posting.


We carry out all necessary collections and deliveries. It is part of our service to our clients to provide transport for collections and deliveries.


Our competitive prices are produced by friendly and experienced team. Wherever possible they will provide you with advice and suggestion to ensure that you get the best value for your money.