Bulk Mail & Packaging Services

What Bulk Mail & Packaging Services entail

We provide a one-stop mailing solutions for any large volume and bulk mailing requirements of account statements, newsletters, annual reports, circulars, letters, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, magazines, policy and benefit statements up to postage and returned mail. Our scope of work covers the printing
of mail items (laser printing, bar-coding) and provision of comprehensive mailroom service.

  • Affixing of labels
  • Mail fulfilment
  • Sorting, folding, stapling and sealing
  • Inserting of mail items into envelopes
  • Collating and matching of personalised documentation
  • Mail and parcel packaging for distribution
  • Poly bagging and belly banding
  • Enclosing into jiffy bags
  • Making up folders
  • Registered mail processing
  • Mail address validation
  • Mail bundling and Postage

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